60 MORE Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

60 MORE Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

November 6, 2023

By addressing these issues, substance abuse support groups can become more responsive, inclusive, and beneficial spaces for individuals on their journey to recovery. Diverse personalities substance abuse group activities and perspectives can lead to challenging group dynamics. Facilitators must address disruptive behavior, dominance, or avoidance tactics while fostering an environment of mutual respect.

substance abuse group activities

Best Group Activities for Anxiety and Depression

Engaging in art, music, or writing within a supportive group setting encourages participants to explore their thoughts and emotions. Art and other creative expression group activities provide people in recovery with an outlet for self-expression and emotional release. In settings like Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-help support groups, participants find social support and a safe space to openly discuss their challenges. Improved communication and emotional growth contribute to positive treatment outcomes, reducing the risk of relapse and fostering a stronger support system.

Positive Psychology Activities for Improving Mental Health

  • Working in a group will help relieve clients of this false belief and encourage them to share and connect with others.
  • Group sessions can allow members to work through challenging emotions such as shame and guilt.
  • Added topics include online therapy, specialized groups, ethnocultural diversity, trauma, managed care, and more.
  • Much like music, artistic activities can help people relax and focus on something soothing, which aids in recovery and healing.

The purpose of this exercise is designed to help clients discover and celebrate their positive traits and affirmations, so providing clients with several strips to choose from is critical. Group sessions can allow members to work through challenging emotions such as shame and guilt. Listening to what other members share can provide a sense of validation and normalcy for members who may have thought that they were alone, or wrong for feeling as they do.

Activities for Personal Growth and Self-Esteem

Social support is often instrumental in strengthening a commitment to sobriety and reducing the risk of relapse. Treatment centers use group interventions to help people recover from opioid addiction, alcohol use disorder (AUD), and other SUDs. If a client is disrespectful (cursing at you or another client, name-calling, insulting, etc.) while escalated, let them know it’s not okay, but don’t attempt to provide feedback.

Through this activity, you can encourage your participants to say no to drug use clearly. After completing a treatment program, individuals benefit from a well-structured aftercare plan. This plan serves as a roadmap to help them maintain their recovery progress. By adhering to an aftercare plan, individuals can better navigate the challenges they may encounter post-treatment. Practicing gratitude has proven benefits for mental and physical health, and it can boost recovery by helping people focus on the positives. People can openly share their thoughts and feelings, reduce self-stigma and shame, and help each other process and grow from difficult experiences or emotions.

I Strengthen My Nation: Artistic Expressions of Resilience to Stand Against Substance Misuse National Institute on … – National Institute on Drug Abuse

I Strengthen My Nation: Artistic Expressions of Resilience to Stand Against Substance Misuse National Institute on ….

Posted: Wed, 15 Dec 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

  • Generally, ask the group to become still or quiet, with each individual assuming a comfortable position.
  • The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie fostered through these experiences can boost self-esteem and motivation in people in recovery.
  • Once the escalated client exits the room, acknowledge what happened and let the group know you intend to follow up with that person.
  • Although the exercises mentioned earlier can be conducted for adolescents, here is a list of fun and engaging CBT group activities for youth.

If they choose, clients can share what they wrote and provide additional feedback. (Most do.) Clients selected as “most likely” (in either category) have the opportunity to process with other group members and staff. These activities can help build healthy relationships and improve personal emotional wellness. Group therapy activities provide emotional connection, education, support, encouragement, and guidance that can improve mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. In this article, we will list various group therapy activities to use in your practice. Additional types of substance abuse group therapy include specialized groups, relapse prevention treatment, communal and cultural groups, and expressive groups.

  • Equipping participants with robust coping mechanisms is a vital aspect of relapse prevention.
  • Closing group therapy treatment is the phase of group development known as termination (Levine, 2011).
  • These substance abuse group activities foster empathy and a deeper awareness of the ripple effects of addiction.
  • Group therapy can give them a chance to feel connected to others, and witness others in their own recovery.

If an experiential or interactive exercise isn’t feasible, provide coffee or snacks; sitting for 45 minutes is difficult for some, and 90 minutes can be unbearable. (Prizes optional, but always appreciated.) During the debriefing, it’s fun to learn more (and thereby increase understanding and compassion). These might include inspiring quotes, small objects that symbolize strengths or accomplishments, or letters from loved ones. Members will share the jar with the group and explain the significance of the items.

substance abuse group activities

What Is Addiction?

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